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Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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I always say every man looks better with a beard, so this beard oil was a labor of love. Made with a combination of 7 different oils, an infusion of hibiscus flowers and a very mild sandalwood scent.

Some key ingredients:

Hibiscus flowers: known to help with hair loss, premature greying, thinning, dandruff, frizz, dryness, breakage and split ends.

Black Seed Oil: contains thymoquinone, an antihistamine sometimes prescribed for alopecia and thinning hair. Helps if your beard is slow to grow or your new beard is growing in patchy

Marula Oil: rich vitamin E profile helps to maintain healthy moisture levels in the hair by stopping water loss from each strand

Argan Oil: Best all purpose hair oil. Especially good for beard dandruff, acne or razor burn

Bhingraj Oil: rejuvenates hair follicles, boosts hair growth and strengthens hair follicles to make hair stronger and shiny.

Baobab Oil: penetrates the shaft to moisturize and condition and minimizes beard itch

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