I began studying plants around 20 years ago when I moved to Woodstock in New York’s Hudson Valley. I planted a garden and had babies—almost as amazed by the first tomato as the first child. My sensitive-skinned children have been my inspiration. My youngest is autistic and his complex relationship with smells and textures prompted a deep dive leading to the creation of products that embrace simplicity. Most commercial skin care products, even those with “natural ingredients” contain petroleum or other environmentally taxing ingredients. And, alcohol in moisturizer? Where’s the logic in that? Drying out skin to sell more moisturizer is a certain kind of business model...I guess. It’s not mine though. I like knowing what I’m putting on my kids’ skin, my dog’s skin, and your skin. I make formulas from plants that I grow in my own garden. My products are handmade in small batches—minimal ingredients with maximum impact on skin.

Everyone's skin is different. For that reason I’m offering the option of customizable formulas and private labeling. Allergic to an ingredient? I can swap it out for something else. Love a product but not crazy about the scent? Let’s talk about what would work better for you. Not sure what an ingredient is? Reach out and I’ll provide lots of good info.

I’m eager to create a dialog with my customers while I build this company. I want to hear about your needs. Please email me with any questions, comments or requests and don’t forget to sign up for emails.